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Salesman with customer using digital tablet in hardware store

The New Normal in Retail Means More Digital

Everyone is being affected by COVID-19 and once our stay at home advisory goes away we will most certainly be facing a new normal. It’s important now more than ever to have your team and your business prepared for all the potential changes.

Many different theories have been proposed for the new normal but the best advice that can be given to you and your company is to accelerate getting digital and live engagement technologies into your business model. The current situation will take an effect on your company’s bottom line so now is the time for you to be proactive and get your company back on top where it belongs.

Currently, everyone is staying at home due to government regulations and an overall fear of getting the virus. Most brick and mortar locations are closed at least for the time being. But, that’s just right now, what is going to happen when these regulations are lifted? Will life go back to normal? Will people still be wearing masks while going out? Will people even come into the stores?

All of these unanswered questions are in the back of everyone’s mind right now. Why not be proactive while dealing with all of these uncertainties? Start engaging with the online world and get your sales and customer service teams prepared to answer all of your customer’s questions. Vee24 and our live engagement solutions are here to help and guide you through to the new normal as well.

Here are a few ways that your team can get started with our new and advanced technology during the transition to the new normal. Vee24 has multiple forms of Live Engagement Technology that can be of use to your company:

  • Our Video Chat can allow you and your customers to easily get up close and personal with a specific product they want.
  • Our Live Chat features allow your customer’s questions to be answered with ease.
  • Our ChatBOTs will help direct customers to the customer service agent that can best answer their questions.

The possibilities are endless with the technology that we can provide to your team. Like I said, now more than ever the retail industry is changing, make sure your team is prepared for those changes and are ready to tackle all that might come.