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Social Distancing Amplifies your Customer Engagement Choices

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Use the right platform for now and the future

Zoom conferencing has been in the news a lot recently. It is a tool for virtual meetings and has been great for team communications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Video conferencing tools such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, etc. are purpose-built for internal team meetings and tele-conferencing. However, when used with consumers in B2C sales, marketing or customer service, they fall apart and have created embarrassing situations for many companies.   Zoom and other video conferencing tools may have seemed like a quick fix, but they are not the right solution for B2C businesses in the times of closed stores, work from home and social distancing. For now and the long term future, consumer facing businesses require an Intelligent Conversational Experience platform, like Vee24.  

Live engagement platforms like Vee24 were purpose built for digital business conversations and easily integrate with your CRM or other internal systems.   They are secure and allow for new and unknown customers to engage in a chat, voice chat or video chat conversation with a sales or service rep on your team. Most conferencing solutions only work if you know who you are going to engage with and requires the customer to download a plug-in. That is a significant barrier to engage and will have a significant negative impact on customer experience.   For consumer facing businesses like banking, retail, healthcare or automotive you may be engaging with a new prospect or a customer who may not want to identify themselves, at least for a start. Moreover, it is highly inefficient to send a meeting invitation for the thousands of quick, ad hoc questions customers may have for you. An intelligent experience platform like Vee24 does not require any downloads and ensures that you can engage at the customer’s convenience. All customer conversations are handled in a highly secure SOX compliant, PCI compliant, HIPPA compliant, or GDPR compliant fashion. For many industries, using a tool that is not certified for one of these regulations, is a complete “non starter”. 

Multi-experience platforms, like Vee24, offer co-browsing and screen sharing with customers to digitally hold their hand through the buying or service journey.  Agent side mobile cameras allow live sharing of the actual product before purchase. Additionally, most of the conferencing applications lack artificial intelligence (AI), a key to personalized customer experience.  Conversational solutions like Vee24 have AI built into their platform. This is easily seen in our family of BOTs which allows you to launch proactive NudgeBOTs and ChatBOTs that create huge efficiencies and helps drive sales and superb customer support. 

The other side to live engagement is your internal agent team. When a customer has a question you want to find the right agent with the right skills to engage with the customer.  Vee24’s intelligent routing engine automatically routes each customer requests to a BOT or human agent, best suited to help the customer. We are built to be integrated into your website, physical stores or offices and call centers.  Platforms like ours can easily integrate into your ecosystem including Salesforce, Zendesk, MS Dynamics, Order Tracking Systems, Core Financial and Banking systems, and so many others. Out of the box there are productivity tools for your agents such as canned chats, bookmarks, customer assets, knowledge repositories, workflows and checklists.  All of these make it easy to get up and running fast. With robust team management solutions, supervisory dashboards, analytics and reporting we also enable KPIs and metrics for business success. 

We have all done it  – used the wrong tool for the job whether it was for baking, yardwork or digital engagement.  In order to engage with customers online with chat, messaging, co-browsing, BOTs or video chat, you need a conversational experience platform.  An industry leading solution like Vee24 can help you supercharge your sales, deliver excellent customer service and drive brand loyalty, through personalized digital engagements with your customers.

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