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Increase ROI with Digital Engagement

“What are your Ad KPIs” – In other words, your CPC, CPA, and click-through rate and conversion. A question that all of us have asked ourselves, our marketing, management, and to our board, especially in difficult times. We are supposed to generate demand, build brand and ensure there is a “perfect” customer journey. So, we drive demand to our channels and today, those channels start or end on your website. Typically, marketers have partial or complete ownership of the website regardless of the industry. When we are driving traffic to our sites we use digital advertising, and we spend a whopping $336 billion across the globe in digital advertising this year.  

That spend is approximately 6 times greater than the 2015 digital ad spend of $59.6 billion.  So, marketers are spending a lot more and you are trying to optimize traffic to your sites and track those improvements – Your content peers, information architects, site testing experts are all trying to accomplish the same thing, optimize the customer journey to drive sales, and deliver our brand promise with great customer service. What can help you do all of these things, and is measurable? Digital engagement.

Using digital engagement you invest the time to first ensure you have a  set of BOTs that can ensure your advertising is optimized based on your landing pages – we call them NudgeBOTs at Vee24.  These BOTs help increase your conversion rate by ensuring there is no quick bounce off of the site.  

Your website should also have a set of AI BOTs that help your customers navigate the site and consume the content they want.  Accurately built BOTs act like digital sherpas and help you optimize your ad spend by ensuring that journey you thought the customer would take happens or, these BOTs learn and adjust from real navigation data.

The final piece is that marketers often overlook the human element.  We spend so much time humanizing our brand, but forget to add a truly human element to the customer experience.  This is why regardless of the type of BOTs you use, it needs to have a human that is just a click away. An e-commerce site will spend tens of thousands of dollars on personalization but not have the ability to escalate to a text chat or if appropriate a video chat.  There is nothing more personal than chatting with someone about your dream car, diamond ring, or mortgage refinancing.  

So why does digital engagement matter for marketers? ROI. Using digital conversational engagement, you create a way to “hand-hold”, guide or nudge your customer on the site to their destination. That is why we see our customers generate over a 5 times conversion rate when using digital engagement.  If we go back 25 years, this is what we did in stores, banks, auto dealerships, and hospitals. Interpersonal interaction is tried and true, and that interaction can happen online with digital engagement. If done right, we optimize the customer experience over the customer journey and ensure all of the content, technology, and people are driving to a sale and surpassing the brand promise.