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Embracing AI-Powered BOTs: Identifying The Misconceptions And Pitfalls Of BOTs And Avoiding Them To Create An Ideal Customer Experience

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AI-powered BOTs are transforming the online experience. BOTs are behind improved user experience in every industry from finance, to healthcare, to every area of retail imaginable. BOTs can do everything from quickly helping customers find basic information, to qualifying a customer and handing them off to a live agent to address complex needs and close a sale.

Online companies use a wide variety of BOTs to enhance the customer experience. Customer AssistBOTs can handle FAQs, help after-hours visitors, set up an appointment with an agent online or in-person, or help with minor tasks such as a PIN change. Agent AssistBOTs equip busy agents with vital customer knowledge so customers will have a seamless experience. Proactive NudgeBOTs ‘greet,’ ‘meet,’ or ‘complete’ a process. NudgeBOTs can generate qualified leads, help customers make needs-based decisions, give customers risk-reduction on high-value purchases, and prevent late-stage abandonment. In addition to Customer AssistBOTs, Agent AssistBOTs and NudgeBOTs, in the near future, customers will have personal BOTs that will follow them online and interface with other BOTs to create an even smoother, more personalized experience.

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