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Meet The Family Of BOTS

When we think of ChatBOTs, we typically think of just a simple BOT. It’s easy to train a BOT that specializes in something, like nudging your customers to interact with you, assist your agents, or simply guide your customers, but a BOT that can do all of those at once ends up being overloaded and unable to perform. That’s why we say AI shouldn’t stand alone, but neither should your BOTs. Instead, you need a family of BOTs that can work as a team to accomplish specific goals and create a seamless experience for your customers.

Members of the Family:

The Nudge-BOT

The Nudge-BOT is typically the first member of the family you encounter. They determine when to interact with your customers. Nudge-BOTs can start an interaction with something as simple as “How’s your day going?” or be more precise like “I see you’re on our contact us page, would you like support or to make a purchase?”, or something as simple as “Can I answer any questions?”. These BOTs “nudge” the people on your website and initiate a conversation.

Some common Nudge-BOT use-cases are:

  • Initiate a conversation with your customer
  • Offer help specific to a particular page
    • Do they want an insurance plan?
    • Is your visitor interested in opening up a new bank account or applying for a mortgage?
    • Find out what specific luxury item they want to purchase
  • Generate qualified leads for a newsletter, or initiated a sales cycle

The Customer-Assist BOT

Where the Nudge-BOT initiates conversations, the customer-assist BOT is the one you have the conversation with. This BOT that is the most common member of the family is the Customer-Assist BOT. This  BOT is there to answer any immediate questions your customers have and is the BOT they have the most in-depth conversations with.

Some typical use-cases of the Customer-Assist BOT:

  • The Customer-Assist BOT answers any and all FAQs, giving your website visitors a quick and seamless answer to their questions
  • It can aid your web visitors minor tasks
  • Sets up agent appointments
  • Seamlessly transfers your web visitors to an agent.

Agent Assist-BOT:

Sometimes your ChatBOT doesn’t know what to do, and that’s when your ChatBOT isn’t enough and needs to escalate to an agent, your Agent Assist-BOT kicks in. This BOT is the one your visitor doesn’t see but helps create a seamless experience for them. While your agent works with your visitor through their query, the BOT feeds them key information from your CRM. While this is happening, the BOT also reminds the agent to ask key questions to make sure they are able to cover all of your visitors’ typical needs.

With a family of BOTs, you are able to ensure your company is reachable 24/7 and able to fulfill your customers’ needs at their convenience. With a complete family of BOTs, you can initiate, engage, guide, and complete any customer interaction. To learn more about how you can build your family of BOTs, watch our webinar BOT Building Basics.