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drawing of AI ChatBOT between two sitting woman

Why You Need an AI ChatBOT

Your stakeholders and customers want to be able to reach you on their terms. Whether that’s through an email, video chat, in-person appointment, a phone call, or any other way, you need to be reachable based on your customers’ and stakeholders’ needs. Having your phones and website manned with human beings at all hours is not always cost-effective or viable. This does not mean you should be unreachable during your off-hours, or that your website should be unmanned.

We’ve covered what it’s like when your customer is on your site, and interact with your team members, but unlike your team members, an office, bank, storefront, or a doctor’s office, your website is always available. That means your customers, clients, and patients are coming to your website whenever they need to reach you, and while your team members can’t always be available, you can still service your customers.

Always-On, Always Available

The biggest advantage an AI ChatBOT holds over your team members is that it is always on so long as your website is up and running. Whether someone on your site wants to reach you at 3 am, or during business hours when team members are busy, your AI ChatBOT is able to assist them immediately.

One of the most common use cases for an AI ChatBOT is to answer any FAQs your visitors might have and let your team members focus on qualitative support. AI ChatBOTs go beyond just handling FAQs. An effective BOT can take care of a variety of basic and common tasks such as:

  • Doctor’s can use ChatBOTs to set up appointments
  • Insurance companies can get the claims process started with ChatBOTs
  • Financial services can give their customers their balance or a status update on their investments
  • Car dealers and luxury retailers can be present during the customer journey 24/7

BOTs can not only handle administrative tasks but improve your customer’s experience when they interact with your team members. When your AI ChatBOTs either schedules an appointment with your live agents or does an instant hand off to them, it will increase the quality of the interaction. Your live-agent will have access to your customer’s chat logs or history with the ChatBOT, fully preparing them for the call. In tandem with your ChatBOTs, your agents will be able to focus on giving qualitative support.

AI ChatBOTs aren’t created to replace your team members, but to make them more effective. First, AI ChatBOTs free up their time to focus on more qualitative tasks by fielding simple administrative tasks and answering FAQs. This gives your team members the time to take care of customers, members or patients who need more personal attention. Then, with your BOT priming them, your team member is able to quickly provide a solution. By using an AI ChatBOT you can empower your customer experience.