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Frozen and how it relates to customer experience

Excellent Customer Experience: Live Engagement

While walking into the theater to see Frozen II the other night, I thought of seeing the first movie with my little cousins. They were barely toddlers at the time, and I loved watching their eyes light up at the sight of their heroes, Anna and Elsa. Those girls have grown so much since then; in a few short years, they’ve become smart, confident young ladies interested in dance, theater, and art. It’s incredible how things can change so quickly.

Times are changing

I was pleasantly surprised to see that, like my cousins, Elsa and Anna had aged and matured too. The princesses and their friends learn over the course of Frozen II that change is inevitable. Even little Olaf comes around to the idea that “growing up means adapting.”

Times are changing for all of us, not only those in Arendelle. In our modern world, technology is continually developing and playing a more significant role in every part of our life. One area that is affected more and more each day is customer experience. Choosing not to adapt to consumer’s expectations runs the risk of you becoming outdated and falling behind your competitors.

“Into the Unknown?”

All the characters in the Frozen II coped with uncertain changes. Elsa, more than anyone, worried that answering a magical call would lead to changes that would make her uncomfortable. But things aren’t unclear for the future of live engagement.

Providing an excellent customer experience is different than it was even ten years ago, but the direction to success is clear. Now, more than half of all customers prefer to chat with customer service agents online, rather than calling a hotline and waiting in lengthy queues for support. If you’re not offering at least text chat, you’re going to get “Left in the Woods.” A truly complete live engagement platform provides more than just text chat. A complete live-engagement platform would also offer features like co-browsing, video chat, and AI-enabled chatBOTs.

“Show Yourself”

Don’t be like Elsa and hideaway from everyone. Making yourself visible to your customers is crucial. Customers not only desire it, but 42% of all customers expect to be able to connect with companies online with ease. And they want to be able to do it from any of their devices, especially mobile. Being ready and available at any time, whether it’s for a one-on-one video call or a late-night chatBOT inquiry, ensures both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

“Some Things Never Change”

Throughout the film, Olaf and Kristoff remind us that while time changes us, we never lose our need to feel connected to one another. Social interaction never goes out of style. While cheap BOTs and one-off text chats are convenient for simple interactions, they can never replace a human conversation.

Just as Elsa answered the magical call that changed the history of her kingdom forever, you need to take the first step. Investing in an omnichannel platform like Vee24 can help ensure that you not only keep up with the future but are always a step ahead. Not moving forward and adapting to your customers’ desires will ultimately leave you; “Frozen.”