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customer filling out banking paperwork while using co-browsing

Co-Browsing & Co-Form Fill: the Future of Financial Services

When you’re selling or supporting multiple products that cover different needs, or onboarding new customers, they will inevitably have questions, but will also want help navigating to the appropriate pages and completing the applicable forms. What if your customer wants to apply for a mortgage? Or wants you to become their new broker? Anyone who has bought a house, or opened up a brokerage account, can tell you that the process is both long and arduous, and often requires a big emotional and financial investment.

In the past, the only way to help your customers with any major financial process was in person. Guiding them over the phone left too much room for error. Phone-assisted co-browsing and co-form filling allow you to “digitally hold your customer’s hands”, deepening your relationship with them, and making your entire support process more efficient.

Become their Digital Advisor:

When your customers are applying for a mortgage, the process is very involved, and unless your customers are experts, they require guidance. Providing that guidance entirely over the phone or through email is painstakingly difficult. However, with co-browsing and co-form filling, you can answer their questions, advise them, and complete the forms together, as if you were sitting in the same room.

Your role as an advisor to your customer also becomes far more valuable.  A phone call is much more effective when you can ‘show and tell’ with co-browsing and co-form filling, essentially playing the role of a digital guide.

Both you and your customers want to interact, you want to build and deepen your relationship with them, and they want your guidance. Phone calls alone aren’t very effective mediums to give out guidance, and meeting in-person can be difficult. By using co-browsing and co-form filling, you unlock a convenient medium so that your customers can get the help they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

Co-browsing and co-form filling create an environment that helps everyone involved: customers get instantaneous and more informative interactions, and you build deeper relationships with them.

Makes things move more quickly:

You have a new customer who has decided to move their brokerage account over to your firm; This process demands complicated forms to be filled out. The current process involves a mix of digital and physical forms. The issue with the current system is that guiding customers over the phone allows for plenty of error. This high margin of error gives the incumbent firm plenty of time to reach out to the customer in an attempt to prevent them from transferring their account over to your firm. With co-browsing, co-form filling, and screen-sharing, you can give these new customers a much more timely and efficient process.

One of the ways you can make your processes more efficient is by filling relevant forms out together. In cases where you can’t fill out a form for them, you can watch them plug in their information and guide them through the process, pointing out errors as they happen. Whether you are helping them fill out their forms, or guiding them through the process, you can help your customers complete the documentation on one call – winning efficiency gains for your firm and enhancing the advisor-client relationship.

By using co-browsing, screen-sharing, and co-form filling, you have greatly reduced the margin of error in a financial process, and by digitally filling out forms together, errors are identified and corrected instantaneously.

Guiding your customer digitally deepens your relationship with them, makes the process of filling out forms painless, and helps financial services companies reduce risks and drive revenue. Customers hold their financial health in very high regard. Major decisions take time and are built on trust. By making co-browsing, screen-sharing, and co-form filling a part of your sales and support strategy, you will be able to build your clientele and create life-long relationships.