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ZuCar brings the in-store experience to their newly launched website with Vee24 Live Engagement

Boston, MA, October 24th — Live Engagement company Vee24 has announced that used car supermarket, ZuCar, is using the Vee24 Live Engagement solution on its newly launched website. The live engagement service will provide prospective used car buyers with online access to ZuCar knowledgeable guides who will be able to discuss and co-browse the website with a visitor and help with all their requirements around used car selling, buying, availability, and financing.

Vee24’s live engagement services will be available from every page of the ZuCar website, until 6 pm weekdays and 12:30 pm on Saturday. Visitors will be offered the opportunity to live chat with a ZuCar knowledgeable guide to discuss a valuation of their own vehicle, specifications for the purchase of a used car, financing options, and test drive requests.  The knowledgeable guides can also co-browse the website with the visitor to assist with sourcing a used car, and understanding the terms of any sale or purchase.

Commenting on the launch of live chat on the new website, Allyson McCarthy, Marketing Manager at ZuCar, said, “We’ve seen the success of Vee24 live chat on other websites and decided to offer this great customer experience at our new brand, ZuCar. ZuCar is a new concept on the Irish market. It’s a fixed model of selling and non-negotiable, so the price you see is the price you pay. We offer people a valuation on their car which will hold for seven days, which means even if they don’t buy a car from us they can still bring their current car to us and we’ll buy it from them. It is also a seven-day a week operation and rather than sales executives we have Zu Guides. Live chat allows us to talk directly to customers at times to suit them and offer them a similar personal experience to the one they would receive in a dealership. We expect to see the same high-quality leads and experience the same high levels of engagement to lead that we see on our other websites.”

“We’re delighted to support ZuCar in this exciting new space. Live chat and the ability to co-browse the ZuCar website are excellent tools for fast and efficient communication between the customer and the ZuCar team. It’s a great differentiator and helps in the aim to bring the high street retailer experience on line where most car buyers are doing their research”, comments Priya Iyer, CEO, Vee24

About ZuCar:

ZuCar has identified a service that targets customers that find the traditional channels available to them (for buying & selling used cars) to be both challenging and time-consuming. We are providing a process through which customers can complete transactions quickly and efficiently, using transparent fixed prices and online services, attracting customers to whom time is at a premium and who want a different experience. ZuCar will target two key consumer segments: customers who are seeking to sell their cars, and customers who are seeking to buy a used car. ZuCar also offers a full aftersales service and can service all makes and models of cars.

About Vee24:

Vee24 is the live video assistance solution trusted by the world’s leading consumer-facing brands. Featuring voice, video, text, and co-browsing for web-, app- and kiosk-based customer engagements, Vee24 is the most broadly and successfully deployed solution proven to advance the customer experience and dramatically increase eCommerce sales. Customers include Audi, DFS, Isabella Oliver, Jaguar Land Rover, Mattress Firm, Regus, Schuh, and Vodafone. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., with European operations in Manchester, England.

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