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5 Ways to Drive Conversations into Conversions: Part 2

AI, Bots, cobrowsing, and Chat are all the rage for companies to explore discuss and debate.  Your customers know what they want, when they want it and where they want it, it’s their choice – Is your company ready? Here are three more ways to help you drive the conversation with 87% of your shoppers into a conversion

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  1. Bring the In-Store Experience Online:

Bringing the in-store experience online sounds easy, but retailers have been trying to do this because there are plenty of things we love about the in-store experience. Being able to physically see the product, get an understanding of its look and feel, contextualizing it around its surroundings, and being able to talk to an expert about it.

In-store experiences are how many customers build a relationship with your brand, and when you implement various channels with a clear goal, you can bring in-store conversions online.

Video & Audio chat are the optimal way to build a relationship, they are the closest to talking in-person and allows you to showcase products and quickly grasp what your customers are looking for. The use case also changes based on what you’re trying to sell.

  1. Co-Browsing, and The Marriage of the Digital & Physical Worlds

Another aspect of the in-store experience is being able to help your customers find the right product. Finding the right product can be difficult in both a store and a website if your customer is unfamiliar with your brand, or if you just launched a new line of products. Naming conventions change, as do store layouts. Customers also know what needs they want to fulfill, but don’t always know what products are best for it.

When your customers are browsing your website they may need help comparing and contrasting products, or just finding the right one for them. Co-browsing allows your agents to guide customers through your website, helping them find the products that fit their needs. Whether you’re guiding a new customer through your website, showing a returnee a new line, or just highlighting products that fulfill your customer’s needs.

  1. When the Digital World isn’t Enough, Bring them In-Store

If you’re selling something like furniture, a custom gift basket, or helping your customer trying to find the right cosmetic blend, then maybe the best course of action is to schedule an appointment for your customer to come into the store.

This enhances your customer’s in-store experience, because the associate who helps them in-store will know why the customer has come in, and what their specific needs are. The online interaction also informs your associates of the customer’s interests, and what they’re looking for, giving your in-store associates further insight into your customer, and curating a more complete experience for your customers. Doing this, DFS saw an 85% conversion rate from their in-store appointment booking service.

We all know the old real estate line, location, location, & location – Well that is so true of today’s retail customer.  Do you have the channels (location) staffed in the best way possible for conversion? As much as the world has changed – your customers are everywhere. They are online and off, it’s your job to reach them and create a complete experience that merges the two. When you can make your website optimize the virtual, like the service of your store, you will build a relationship with your customers, and keep them happy.