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Enhance Your Dealership Online Experience

The Car Buyer of Today Has Changed

We know that customers’ shopping trends have changed dramatically in the last ten years and where we used to see a sales executive welcoming people in dealerships, we are now seeing more and more people having their first brand engagement online. Did you know that 89% of customers conduct online research before making their purchase? The process of buying a car can be costly and time-consuming, and it’s so important that representatives are there to support their customers online just like they would in their showroom. Ten years ago, consumers would physically visit over seven dealerships before they would make the decision to buy. Today they visit only 1.6 dealerships as they are mostly browsing online. 89% of customers conduct online research before making their purchase

Don’t Wave Goodbye to the Dealership

Although online technology is going to play a strong role in the future of car buying, we are not ready to wave goodbye to the dealership just yet. In fact, over half of car buyers make dealership visits a priority and that is because people still want to see and feel the car before booking a test drive and making a purchase. When it comes to online technology, the automotive industry has previously been lagging behind other verticals such as retail and finance. However, with tools such as online car configurators and the power of live assistance, they are now realizing the importance of an online presence to enhance their overall dealership experience.

Convenience and Ease

We all know that consumers prefer convenience and ease when conducting their car research, preferably from the comfort of their own home. Automotive customers also enjoy a positive experience when visiting their local car retailer. However, this experience isn’t always replicated online and can often result in customers feeling frustrated and confused with extensive technical information and choices.

3 out of 4 customers would prefer completing the entire car-buying process online

Three-quarters of consumers said that if given the opportunity, they would consider conducting their entire car-buying process online, including financing, price negotiation, back-office paperwork, and home delivery. Technology is now available for automotive companies to solve this challenge by providing a world-class “before the door” customer experience that will bring customers into the dealer network.

Optimize the Buying Experience with Live Assistance

The days of consumers visiting the dealership 6, 7, 8 times are over and due to the amount of online information available, consumers can happily do the majority of their own research. But what happens when a customer has a question? Without live engagement, your digital properties will become a lonely self-service zone with no one available to answer questions from the potential buyer.

Using Vee24’s live chat engagement platform, you can make the car research and buying process similar to that of a showroom experience. Screen sharing and co-browsing enable the live operator to lead the customer through the buying journey and navigate them to the relevant and necessary areas of interest. A second mobile camera gives you the ability to do an exterior and interior walk around a car in your showroom, allowing customers to get the look and feel of a car they are interested in.  What about after business hours? Consider a ChatBOT that can intelligently answer customer questions and create sales leads for your Reps to handle the following business day.

With more than 30% of customers expecting to see live assistance on your website, now is a good time to start if you are not already!