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showroom with five different models of cars

Essential Live Chat Features for Dealership Loyalty

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation in the car buying experience. Today more than half of car shoppers start the car buying journey by researching online. They are going to their computers before going to the dealership. For automotive dealers, the goal is to leverage the physical dealership while adapting to advances in technology.

We know how long and thoughtful the process of purchasing a car can be. Whether that is a new or used vehicle, the investment is large, and one that people put significant time and energy into. The average buyer spends around 19 hours researching online before deciding on a car. When online car shopping is coupled with outstanding customer support, it eases the buying journey and will influence your prospect’s decision to move forward with the purchase. In putting the customer first, we’ve seen successful dealerships seamlessly integrate live customer engagement with their physical dealership.

Here are 4 must-have live engagement features that will inevitably bring in higher customer satisfaction rates and increased sale conversions to your business:

Omni-Channel Platform

With fewer customers visiting dealerships and more conducting their research online, we know how valuable it is to catch these prospects during the early stages of the buying journey. The average car shopper starts their research by looking at up to 14 different brands. This generates a lot of competition between dealerships, especially when the consumer has no loyalty to a certain brand. In order to gain a competitive edge, your business can offer live chat support right off the bat, even if that person is shopping from their mobile device.

In fact, 53% of automotive shoppers use a smartphone when conducting research. If you offer live chat on your website but it’s not accessible on mobile devices, you’re only halfway there. By giving your buyers the option to start a chat from email, social media, or any clickable link, it will create more leads and make you a real proactive player in such a competitive industry. An omni-channel platform like Vee24 will enable your brand to stand out by allowing agents to offer support to customers wherever they are.

53% of automotive shoppers use a smart phone to research cars. People spend 19 hours researching cars online.

Mobile and External Cameras

If a customer chooses to reach out to your business, are you fully optimizing your engagement with them? You may have gotten them to your website, started a conversation and answered some questions, but what else can you offer them to influence the buying decision and ramp up their interest in your brand? During a video chat engagement, Vee24’s agents have access to external cameras in the dealership. Using a mobile camera, the agent has the ability to take the video engagement to the showroom or even to the lot and show off the model, the interior and other features that may be difficult to see online. They can even start the car and drive it back to the showroom door all while streaming the experience live to the prospect. This feature is extremely impactful for used car sales. The customer will certainly want to see the condition of a used car before purchasing it- which the agent can easily show through an external camera.


When it comes to new cars, the buying journey gets even more complicated for buyers. The list of new features to choose from is endless, and they have the option to customize their own vehicle. From new safety systems to automatic high beams and various interior options, it’s difficult to decipher what are necessary features and where to even find them on the site. With a live agent assisting the customer through the entire buying journey, they can enhance the experience by using co-browse. Vee24’s co-browsing feature allows the agent to navigate the customer’s screen and direct them to the exact page or options they are looking for.

co-browse can improve the entire car buying journey for the customer when automotive shopping

Co-Form Filling

During a live engagement session, your agent has the opportunity to step up the experience even further. The paperwork and documents required for purchasing a car can be extensive and often overwhelming for buyers. They may be required to submit recent pay-stubs and proof of residency and complete leasing documentation. With Vee24’s co-form fill, the agent can fill out the documents alongside the online customer. The agent has the ability to read through the paperwork with them, answer questions and help fill in fields that the customer is unsure of. 

60% of car shoppers enter the market unsure of which car to buy. When a customer is uncertain and in the early research stage, they are vulnerable and impressionable. Your company has the opportunity to step in and influence their decision by educating the buyer about their options and providing exceptional customer service – the same service that they would receive in person at a dealership.

With Vee24’s live engagement platform, the online car buying journey becomes seamless for the customer. They can choose to shop for cars from the comfort of their own home or while waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant and receive the same quality of service that they would at the dealership.