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call & contact centre expo

Seminar by Priya Iyer at Call & Contact Centre Expo

Vee24’s CEO, Priya Iyer, will be presenting in Theatre 17 at the ExCeL London Call & Contact Center Expo at 1:15pm GMT, March 28. Priya will discuss 5 key ways to drive sales, deliver excellent customer service and build brand loyalty with live engagement solutions like Vee24’s. As CEO, Priya is helping many clients complete their CX plans by reimagining their digital customer engagement model and delivering outstanding business value. Whether it be on smart phone, tablet, PC, social media or website, you do not need to be strapped to the telephone to offer outstanding customer service any longer. Your customers also want you to be doing more to meet their needs. Whether you’re looking for consulting, or to enhance your customer support and sales, we look forward to meeting you at booth #972 and seeing you at the presentation.