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Improving the Customer Experience with ChatBOTs

AI technology and ChatBOTS make it easy for a company to connect with a customer on any device, at any time, from any location. With the ability to provide online customer service at all hours, your business is much more likely to retain customers and keep them satisfied. In fact, according to Business Insider, nearly half of end users prefer ChatBOTs as the primary mode of communication for customer service inquiries[1], and this preference will continue to increase in the next few years.

The implementation of ChatBOTS on your website and social media platforms will provide your customer with a number of benefits when it comes to their experience with your brand. Here are three tangible improvements to customer experience that ChatBOTs provide:

1. A personalized experience for customers: Your customers come to your website expecting to easily find the information they are looking for. They do not want to talk to an agent for simple questions or spend their time waiting to be passed along to the most relevant channel. Providing a ChatBOT allows them to utilize self-service much more efficiently without ever having to speak to an agent. ChatBOT engagements also allow the customer to terminate the conversation at any point without needing to thank the agent for their time or politely say goodbye. While AI can assist customers with general questions or concerns, your human agents will be freed up to help customers with more complex situations. Simple ChatBOTs with the ability to transfer to a live human conversation provide the best customer experience.

2. 24×7 customer support: ChatBOTs enable you to provide 24×7 customer support even if you don’t have customer service teams distributed around the globe. While this significantly improves the customer experience and may give you a competitive edge, it provides two additional benefits that you may not have considered. First, it allows you to connect with customers during non-business hours and collect contact information that you would otherwise not get, which is extremely valuable to marketing teams. Second, it increases your geographic reach. You are able to engage visitors from other countries that you wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise.

3. Consistent responses that build the brand: ChatBOTs allow you to build the BOT once and deploy it to multiple online properties. For example, you might initially build your BOT for you website but you can also deploy it to your Facebook page, LinkedIn or other social media properties. The central training of the BOT ensures that the answers provided to customers across all these digital engagements are consistent, which also provides them with a consistent brand experience.

With live engagement self-service, you can establish a real, hands-on relationship from any location, at any time for the best possible customer experience. ChatBOTS take the customer experience to the next level with 24×7 service, consistent branding and communication, and a larger increase in first contact resolution.