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Halliwell Jones Extends Service Hours with Vee24 Platform

BMW and MINI franchise operator Halliwell Jones is extending a relationship with Live Customer Engagement company Vee24 to offer its online concierge service to customers during the evenings.  Halliwell Jones currently offers online customer service during dealership opening hours and the new service will ensure that online customers can be assisted at times to suit them rather than only during regular opening hours. Starting January 2018, customers will have the opportunity to talk to an online customer service agent until 10pm every day.

Halliwell Jones prides itself on providing customers with an outstanding service whether face-to-face in the dealership or online and has offered live chat from the website for a number of years. Customers conducting car research online are able to talk directly to a customer service agent and can ask questions using voice, text or video chat.

Daytime customer service is managed by Halliwell Jones and the extended opening hours will be managed by the Vee24 PACE team. This team has been trained to fully discuss a customer’s requirements and pass this information with test drive requests to the Halliwell Jones Loyalty Team. Pre-qualifying the customer means that the dealership is well-informed about a customer’s preferences before engaging with the customer for the sale.

“We’ve offered online customer service for some time and could see each morning that we had missed online customer support requests from the previous evenings when our team was unavailable”, explained Sue Carden, Halliwell Jones. “It made sense to extend our opening hours to see what effect this would have on calls, test drive bookings and car sales. I’ve been very encouraged so far on the number of additional sales we have made since we started in January and customers are delighted with the extended service hours.”

“I’m delighted that our team at Vee24 has helped deliver some excellent early results with the out-of-hours service and look forward to continuing this trend over the next few months”, comments Priya Iyer, CEO Vee24.  “Purchasing a car is a big decision and customers spend a long time researching options at home in the evening, when a dealership is typically closed. Offering a facility to talk though options late in the evening makes perfect sense for an organization that prides itself on delivering excellent customer service.”