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Replicate Luxury Retail Experiences Online with Live Video Chat

Luxury retailers extend tremendous effort and money to establish their brands in a competitive environment.  They hire trained salespeople to provide concierge-level service. They enlist coveted specialists to design their stores – from lighting and layout to fixtures and furniture – to develop an experience that truly reflects their high-end brand.

It is critical that they have the right retail location in the right cities. Lilly Pulitzer has a nautical-themed outpost in Nantucket and Louis Vuitton’s flagship store sits along beautiful Avenue des Champs-Élysées not only to sell whimsical beach dresses or fine leather goods, but to echo their brands.

How do luxury brands express this same sophistication and sense of place on the web?

User experience and design are certainly principal factors for websites to convey a similar online experience to the brick-and-mortar one.  But more and more leading retailers believe live video chat woven into that user journey is critical to replicating their in-store luxe experience.

Broader Reach with a Personal Touch
Retail locations are expensive and retailers simply can’t have locations in all of the places where their customers might be located. For all of the reasons listed above (and more), having a website to complement your physical locations makes sense.  But a self-service only website doesn’t deliver the service elements a customer experiences in a luxury store.  By offering live video chat, the shopper can experience the same level of personal attention and service they would be offered in store. In fact, retailers using Vee24 have boasted a 5-10X increase in online conversions with live video chat.

White Glove Treatment
While A-List designers and luxe materials play into the high-end experience, the interaction with knowledgeable sales staff is critical.  Live video chat enables this consultative experience for the online shopper. The ability to co-browse and direct shoppers to specific pages on a website make for a better user experience, but also increases the likelihood of a larger purchase.  On average, Vee24 customers report a 25-35% increase in average order value and a 95%+ NPS score when utilizing live video chat – an important metric for retailers.

Purpose-built Hardware
A real time customer engagement is only as good as the technology used to handle it.

Vee24 provides video chat hardware that has been developed to provide the best quality video possible. This includes optimized lighting, a camera built for eye contact, easy to use broadcast monitors, and an “on air” light to prevent interruptions from colleagues. The result is a sophisticated experience for visitors that reinforces a retailer’s brand.

At the end of the day, all retailers have the goal of selling—their brand and their goods. While providing shoppers with champagne may sweeten the in-store experience, ultimately visitors are looking for guidance, knowledge and encouragement in their shopping experience.  Whether shopping on the cobbled streets of Nantucket or from the comfort of a living room couch, visitors can now experience this same level of customer experience thanks to live video chat.