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connections magazine

Are you Prepared for the Live Video Revolution?

Connections Magazine recently published a cover story by Vee24 CEO, James Keller. In this article, Jim discusses how to prepare for and benefit from the next step in online customer service – live video assistance.

Consumers can now benefit from in-store type of sales and service by being able to work with live agents who can show and describe products, answer questions, and help them through the checkout process.

This guide is designed to help you prepare for the next generation of online customer engagement. As customer experience and expectations continue to evolve, live video assistance is proven to deliver radically improved sales results and customer satisfaction levels. You’ll discover how to:

  • Enhance your call center environment for the live video experience.
  • Train agents to be successful using live help solutions.
  • Emulate in-store tactics like greetings and guided selling on your website.
  • Analyze and optimize your live video assistance program.

Check out the full story here, or contact us to see how live video assistance can enhance your customer experience while increasing sales.