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ECO internet award 2014

Audi’s Personal Online Assistant selected as Finalist for eco Internet Award

Audi’s Personal Online Assistant service, which offers its web customers live assistance via a video, voice and co-browsing experience powered by Vee24, has been named a finalist for the eco Internet Awards 2014 within Ecommerce and Retail. The eco Internet Awards celebrate innovative companies, and are the largest awards association for Web Business in Germany.

Audi’s Personal Online Assistant is available on its German and Japanese websites, and uses Vee24’s real-time communication platform, VeeStudio, to reach out and help customers find and customize an Audi to suit their needs. The innovative technology allows the Personal Online Assistants to not only video chat with website visitors, but to show the customer different web pages and jointly configure a car with the customer. Audi’s website visitors benefit from a positive and personal online experience, close to that of an in-dealer experience, completely free of charge, and without the need to download or install any software. The Personal Online Assistant represents the heart of the Audi brand, ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ meaning, ‘Advancement through Technology’.


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