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Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver expand eStylist to reach more customers

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Isabella Oliver originally launched the eStylist service supplied by Vee24 onto its Baukjen brand website, however due to the success and high demand it has now expanded the service onto its maternity-wear website,

Isabella Oliver quickly became a leading online fashion retail brand since its launch in 2003. The husband and wife founders, Geoff and Baukjen, recognised the need for stylish and comfortable maternity wear, and the brand has since been enjoyed by many A-List celebrities including, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner and many others.

Using Vee24 Live Chat Technology, customers can book an appointment on either the Isabella Oliver or Baukjen website to discuss their fashion requirements with a trained personal stylist, whether it be for an upcoming event, or just day to day styling advice. The styling session takes place online via high speed video, in which the stylist not only has the ability to show clothes to the customer in real time, but can also share their web page to show the customer more detailed product information.

Co-founder Geoff explains, “This is about her very own online Personal Stylist, like a boutique assistant, helping her to get inspired, trying new colours, new looks etc.” “My point here is that this is really enhancing the customer experience. Technology is increasingly providing good solutions for the customer and it means we as online players can in some sense offer an offline experience.”

Co-Founder Baukjen adds, “The eStylist is a very exciting step for us and to be one of the first companies to provide this service makes it all the more special.”

James Keller, CEO of Vee24 commented, “We are delighted to be working with Isabella Oliver on this exciting development. Online shoppers are demanding ever more visual and interactive experiences from businesses and providing styling tips via high-speed live video chat is really cutting edge right now. As well as being able to chat to customers, Baukjen eStylists can also co-browse with the customer to present the various colour-ways and options available.” Mr Keller went on to say, “Generating more personalised online experiences has shown to extend brand values, delivering much higher levels of customer satisfaction. These improved satisfaction levels benefit our business customers who are seeing increased numbers of repeat visitors, who spend 10% more on average.”

The service has been well received within the fashion retail industry, with many top editors and fashion bloggers publishing positive articles about the service. Drapers wrote “I am surprised more fashion etailers are not making use of a service like this. So many sites are making great strides with the editorial content in order to increase customer interaction and dwell time – but for real customer service, this must be the next logical step”. were impressed with the functionality of Vee24 technology, “this is where it gets really clever; the stylist would pull out pieces from the rail, assess whether it was a hit or not, and if it was [the operator] would bring it up on their website to purchase without [the customer] having to lift a finger”.

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